A Cure for the Bad Day Blues

Have you every woke up and felt like this was just going to be a bad day.  Even though you try and say no, it is all in your head.  You feel sick to your stomach or you dread everything.  What is the cause for these bad day blues?  Whats more, what is the cure?

Bad days happen to the best of us, but why. Bad days can come from not getting enough sleep, having a bad dream, having a big project due at work, a meeting, or family function.  These events and forth-comings can have a great affect on our moods.  When something or someone that you do not like or dread can cause you to have a dreadful day.  Just because you do not like it.  It is like your whole body is focused on that one or two problems.  Focusing on your problems or having a rough morning can cause you to have a bad day.  However, their is a cure and it is free but before reading it remember you have to make the choice otherwise the cure will not work.

The bad day cure is you have to focus on something else.  Everyday find one thing to look forward too.  Whether it is talking on the phone, dinner, lunch, breakfast, a hot shower, a foot rub, exercising, or watching TV, you have to find something in everyday to look forward too.  Sometimes the best thing to do is flip the problem, make the positive thing of the day is when the problem is over.  There the problem cannot control you all day.  Furthermore, bad days are going to happen, but you can stop it by choosing to focus your energy on something else.  There will always be bad circumstances but you can choose to find one or two positive things every single day.

Some Great Resources You Have to Read:

Lifehacker: http://lifehacker.com/5595104/the-science-behind-having-a-bad-day-and-how-to-solve-it

Mister Rogers quotes for a bad day: http://mashable.com/2013/12/26/mister-rogers-quotes/

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