What is friendship?  How do we pick and choose our friends?   Do we have a pattern of the type of friends we pick? Or is it just circumstance.  What is it about our friends that appeal to us?

I am asking all these questions because I have been thinking about these questions when
I read and think about friendship.  I think about my friends and the people in my life.  What was it about these people that made me want to be friends with? People choose friends for what reason? Are these people we have class with, family, friends, childhood buddies, co-workers, or we share a mutual friend.  Nerveless these people are the our confidants, we tell them our most personal and private secrets.  However are these people good or bad friends? I have been doing some readings and research about friendship to see if the people I was friends were good or bad friends.

Lets first start with what makes a good friend.  Good friends are trustworthy.  The friend keeps their promises that they make.  Good friends are dependable, when you need them they are there.  They are reliable, if you have an emergency you can always count on them to come through.  A good friend is not afraid to apologize, that means that they say they are sorry.  A good friend has to apologize.  Furthermore a good friend is honest.  You cannot be friend with someone that lies and does not tell you the truth.  Someone that you can connect with on values and views.  A good friend does not use their friends.  A good friendship is about give and take.  Furthermore, if a you have a reputation of using people, new friends will not be easy to find. Be a loyal friend, do not be gossip about you friends.  People want to be friends with people who are loyal and stable. The last one is be respectful.  “During times when you don’t see eye to eye with your friend, disagree respectfully and be willing to see things differently.” You will have disagreements with your friends but during the disagreements be respectful to your friends.

Bad friends, what makes a bad friend?  Is it something they say or do? Are the bad long or short term.  Can one bad action or word end a friendship. Signs of a bad friend,  if your friend is doing this, leave, run they are not good friends.  They are negative borderline insulting.  These friends are unsupportive of what you do and your dreams.  They are not supportive of your achievements.  These friends are jealous, possessive, or envious.  They want what you have, they are jealous of your life, and they want you all to themselves. They do not want you having other friends.  Manipulative friends are bad, they try to control you and they only want you when they need something from you.  These friends are self-centered and selfish.  They only want to talk about themselves and everything involves them.  If it is about something or someone else they are not interested. Furthermore, these friends are dishonest, they lie to you.  Friends that lie are not good, because they will eventually lie about you or too you.  Insincere, they act happy about your success but truly are not, plus they make catty or snide remarks about your success.  A bad friend is someone that is not available to you. They expect you to be available around their schedule but not around yours.  Inconsiderate, they make high demands and inconvenience you but are never truly grateful for what you do for them.   These friends push you do things that you do not feel comfortable with.  If a friend is trying to force you to do something that you do not have peace about, drop the friend and leave.

This blog is all about friendship good and bad friendship.  We all have good friends and bad friends. It is good to know the signs of good and bad friends.

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